Pink Echinacea flower with spikey middle

An herbal extract (also known as a tincture) is a preparation in which the active principles of a herb are extracted into alcohol. This concentrates and preserves the medicinal qualities of the herb. We grow many of the freshly gathered plants we use in preparing our extracts or wildcraft from pristine areas throughout New England and the Adirondack region of New York. Each plant is joyfully harvested in season with respect and gratitude for its gift of life and healing.

Occasionally, we use plants that are unavailable to us in the northeast region. These herbs are carefully gathered by knowledgeable herbalists and shipped to us fresh or dried, depending on the herb.

African Peach Root bottle African Peach plant, leaf and fruit
Alchornea bottle Alchornea Dry leaf on plate
American Ginseng bottle American Ginseng Root on burlap
Bottle of Andrographis Andrographis leaf and white flowers
Bottle of Ashwagandha Extract Close up of Ashwagandha fuzzy leaves and tiny yellow flower
Bottle of Astragalus Astragalus green small oval leaves with yellow flowers
Bottle of Bacopa Green foliage with white flowers

Bacopa Extract

From $25
Bottle of Baikal Skullcap Purple Baikal flowers
Bottle of Barberry Root  Red barberries and green rounded leaves hanging
Bottle of Bidens Pilosa Bidens pilosa white flowers with yellow middle
Bottle of Black Walnut Extract Green Black walnuts with skinless walnut hull
Bottle of Boneset White Boneset flower cluster and green leaves with butterfly

Boneset Extract

From $25
BUrdock Root bottle Brown Burdock roots tied together with twine
Bottle of Cat's Claw Tomentosa Orange stringy Cat's Claw roots
Bottle of Chaga Mushroom Brown Chaga Conk chunks
Bottle of Chinese Cat's Claw Extract Chinese Cat's Claw hooks
Bottle of Chinese Coptis Brown Coptis roots against white background
Bottle of Chinese Sarsparilla Flat orange Chinese Sarsparilla roots
Bottle of Cistus Incanus Bright pink crinkled Cistus Incanus flower with bright orange middle
bottle of cleavers close up of cleavers leaves
Bottle of Cordyceps Militaris cordyceps militaris
Cryptolepis Root ExtractCryptolepis Roots
Bottle of Dandelion Dandelion root and leaf on plate
Bottle of Dong Quai White Dong Quai flowers against green background
Bottle of Echinacea angustifolia Pink Echinacea flower with yellow butterfly against green background
Bottle of Elderblossom Extract White Elderblossom flowers with green foliage
elderberry bottle bunch of elderberries
Bottle of Elecampane Thin yellow petaled Elecampane flower with green stem & leaves
Bottle of Eleuthero Purple Eleuthero berry bunch
Bottle of Ginger root extract Close up of beige Ginger roots
Bottle of Greater Celandine 4 petaled Yellow Greater Celandine Flowers with green foliage
Hawthorn-Elixir-bottle Light red Hawthorne berries on twig

Hawthorn Elixir

From $25
4 petaled Houttuynia flower with yellow cone middleGreen heart-shaped foliage with 4 petaled Houttuynia flower with yellow cone middle
Bottle of Isatis root Close up of Isatis root cuttings
Bottle of Japanese Knotweed White fluffy Japanese Knotweed flowers with green leaves
Bottle of Juniper Extract Blue Juniper berries with needle branches
Bottle of Kudzu root Purple Kudzu flowers with buds against green background
bottle of lemon balm Lemon Balm leaves
Bottle of Licorice Root Extract Brown Licorice Root cuttings
Bottle of Lions Mane Extract White Lions Mane mushroom against black background
Bottle of Maca Root Round Maca Roots with green top
Bottle of Milk Thistle Milk Thistle green foliage with pink flower
Bottle of Motherwort Green motherwort leaves with tiny pink flowers
Nettle LEAF ExtractPrickly Nettle leaf and stem