Turkey Tails on log

Mushrooms have a very special place in a forest ecology. The medicinal mushrooms we collect live on trees which they help to break down. In the process of decomposing the tree fiber, these mushrooms absorb many of the trace minerals and other nutrients held in the host tree. The Reishi and Turkey Tails are known as polypores, while the shitake is a gilled mushroom and the Chaga is a sterile conk.

Mushrooms have a long history of use as food and medicine throughout the world, and are currently being investigated for use in many health concerns we are faced with in this present time. You can find more information in the book, Medicinal Mushrooms by Christopher Hobbs.

chaga creme no lidJar of Chaga Creme
Bottle of Chaga Mushroom Brown Chaga Conk chunks
8 oz tin of Chaga Tea against woods backgroundBag of Chaga with chaga chunks

Chaga Tea

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Bottle of Cordyceps Militaris cordyceps militaris
10 oz Dandelion Chaga Tea tin against woods background Tin of chaga dandelion with chaga around it
deep immune tonic mushrooms Bag of Deep Immune Tonic Broth
Bottle of Lions Mane Extract White Lions Mane mushroom against black background
Bottle of Reishi Extract Glossy Reishi Mushrooms on tree

Reishi Extract

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Bottle of Reishi plus Collage of Reishi mushroom, Ginger roots and Licorice roots
Bottle of Seven Mushroom Formula Mushroom collage
Bottle of Turkey Tails Extract Turkey Tail Mushrooms on log