Welcome to the Children’s Page! These single and compound formulas are prepared as glycerites; most began as alcohol extracts that have gone through a process that evaporates most of the alcohol. Organic vegetable glycerin is added as a preservative. Generally, the shelf life of these herbal glycerites is 2 years. You may keep them refrigerated to extend the shelf life a bit. How wonderful that nature’s plants and herbs can help support the overall health of our children and provide extra support when needed. Children respond with joy in a fragrant garden or woodland walk. Their natural curiosity opens when they have the time outdoors. These organic extracts hold the sun and rain, earth and gentle winds in the plants/herbs used. May they serve your young ones well!


Elderberry bottle Elderberry fruit bunch against green leaves

Elderberry Elixir

From $13.20
Bottle of Auntie bio glycerite Oregon Grape Root berries, twig and leaf
Bottle of Auntie Vi Glycerite Close up of Cryptolepis roots
bottle of neurocore glycerite Brown Chinese Cat's claw vine and hook pieces against white background
Bottle of Systemic Endothelial Support Glycerite Collage of Red Sage flowers, Japanese knotweed flowers and Baikal flowers
Bottle of Peaceful Center Glycerite White Passionflower with purple and yellow middle
Collage of Cordyceps mycellium, Eleuthero berries, Rhodiola flowers, Astragalus flowers, and Dong Quai flowers Collage of Baikal flowers, Isatis leaves, Kudzu flower, Houttuynia flower and Licorice roots
Bottle of Sinus Clear Glycerite Close-up of Yerba Mansa flower
Sleep Ease Formula GLYCERITEPile of white Chamomile flowers with yellow middles
Echinacea PLUS GLYCERITEPink Echinacea angustifolia & pink Echinacea Purpurea
Bottle of Power Up Kids Glycerite Plant collage
collage of herbs Buhner-Pan Kit GLYCERITES