These glycerites are prepared from the original herb extract, which is made with the percentage of organic cane alcohol necessary for proper extraction of the vital components in each herb. We then use a process of evaporation to remove the alcohol and then replace this with certified organic vegetable glycerine to preserve the final product.

We recommend storing glycerites in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place to extend the shelf-life, which is approximately 2 years. These sweet and tasty glycerites can be enjoyed by children and adults who may be alcohol sensitive.

Bottle of Auntie bio glycerite Oregon Grape Root berries, twig and leaf
Bottle of Auntie Vi Glycerite Close up of Cryptolepis roots
Bottle of CSA Collage of Cryptolepis roots, Sida flowers and dry Alchornea leaf
bottle of deep lung formula glycerite Pleurisy with Monarch
Japanese Knotweed PLUS GLYCERITEJapanese Knotweed PLUS GLYCERITE
Bottle of Red Sage Baikal Glycerite Collage of purple Red Sage & purple Baikal Skullcap flowers