Flower Essence Immersion Program with Kate Gilday

At Heartsong Farm Wellness Center, NH

August 4-6th , 2023


On completion of this three-day Intensive, (and three Zoom classes to be
scheduled before our August weekend), participants will be adept at preparing, choosing and using flower essences for personal care, in their current healthcare practice, along with supporting their family and community. Each will be ready to share their understanding and newly acquired skills, knowing that with time and attention this heart-centered work will open and grow like the flowers themselves!

If you are interested in joining us, I ask that you have either taken part I of this training, or have been working with flower essences, studied with another practitioner or feel well grounded in this healing modality. I am happy to speak with anyone who wonders if this Intensive is a good fit. Hope to see you in Heartsong Gardens this Summer!

Love, Kate


Highlights of the Course

The Language of Flowers Overview:

- Doctrine of Signatures: The Influence of the Elements and Environment on Form and Gesture

- Understanding and working with the Chakras & Essences

- Energetic patterns that emerge in nature

- Meeting and Recognizing the Spirit of Plants and Flowers 

- Important flower essences to consider: Self-heal, Aspen, Clematis, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Borage, Linden, Larch and others

- Herb & Tree Flower Essences~ Eastern Hemlock & White Pine profiles

- Nature walks and plant studies in White Dove’s gardens and land choosing Essences for a moment or Journey of the Soul

- Steps along a personal journey with essences

- Understanding and Preparing Flower Essences

- FE Selection, Formulation, Application

- Taking and Administering Flower Essences

- Personality and Illness

- Understanding the Effect of the Past on the Present

- Using flower essences for body, mind, spirit/soul healing

Working with Clients- part I

- Compassion and soul-care; Client/ Practitioner relationship

- Intake/recognizing patterns/ Reading the Body

- The four levels of Flower Essence Response over time

- Flower Essence support for Physical Challenges including Lyme and Chronic Pain- A Experiential Training

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