Golden Birch flower and branch

This second, more recent set of tree essences comes from our continued time spent in the woodlands, developing deeper relationships with the trees, learning from and working with them as food, medicine and craft. What has had the greatest affect upon us are the special qualities and unique essence of each species. The Tree flower essences carry these special attributes. Through using, sharing, listening and observing, we have come to see how each of these trees can touch the heart and spirit of a person, animal, plant or environment.

The Northern Trees, hardwoods and evergreens, stand tall and graceful, rooted in the Earth as their branches reach for the sun. Ancient, and carrying a resonance of the land and wild forest, the Tree Essences of the Northeast embody and offer a deep, grounded strength and core revitalization that nourishes and encourages one’s inner resources needed to meet life’s challenges. They also powerfully connect us to this northern land, promoting a sense of place and belonging. Each tree has a unique pattern and resonance that has developed over long years. You may find yourself called to one whose essence can support you on your path at this time.

Bottle of Larch Flower Essence on picnic table Red Larch cone flowers with green needes
Bottle of Linden Flower Essence on picnic table Yellow Linden flower bunch on branch with green leaves