Our Compound formulas are blended from the high quality single herb alcohol extracts we have previously prepared here at Woodland Essence.  These formulations were designed by Kate Gilday, who brings her 30 plus years as an herbalist, flower essence practitioner and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant to the art of herbal formula making.
From the letters and calls we receive from happy customers, we are assured, delighted and grateful that these formulas have had a positive influence in other’s lives. May they serve you well.
Bottle of Adaptogen Tonic Tulsi leaf and flower

Adaptogen Tonic

From $27
After Bite bottle After Bite Formula
Bottle of Auntie Bio Oregon Grape Root berries, twig and leaf
Bottle of Auntie Vi Shredded Cryptolepis Roots
Bab Support Formula 1
Bab Support Formula 2
Bottle of Bidens Formula Split view of Bidens frondosa (wirey flower) and Bidens Pilosa (White flower with yellow middle)

Bidens Formula

From $27
Bottle of CSA Formula CSA ingredients and banner
Bottle of Calm the Cascade Purple Licorice flower
Bottle of Clear Focus Green Gingko leaves against green background
Bottle of Deep Lung Formula Tiny orange Pleurisy flowers
Bottle of Digestive Bitters Formula Yellow Dandelion flowers and leaf in bowl
Bottle of Echinacea Plus Pink Echinacea angustifolia & pink Echinacea Purpurea
Boittle of Eleuthero PLUS Collage of Eleuthero berries, Motherwort, Red Schisandra berry, Red Sage, and Licorice roots
Bottle of Heart Care White 5 petaled Hawthorne flowers on branch
Bottle of Herbal Gum Rinse Yellow Spilanthes cone with red bullseye & green foliage
Bottle of Orange Herbal Throat Spray Orange fruit with green leaves
Bottle of Peppermint Throat Spray Green Peppermint leaves
Bottle of IHA formula Collage of Isatis leaf, Houttuynia flower, and Dry Alchornea leaf

IHA Formula

From $27
Bottle of Immune Formulation Collage of Eleuthero berry, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and licorice root
Bottle of Isatis formula Green Isatis Leaf bunch on growing through straw

Isatis Formula

From $27
Baskets of leaves on picnic table bottle of itch releaf spray
Bottle of Japanese Knotweed PLUS Collage of Japanese Knotweed flowers, Cats claw roots, Cordyceps mushroom, Eleuthero berry, and Licorice Roots
Bottle of Joint Care formula Close up of off white Meadowsweet flowers
Bottle of LC Formula L.C Formula

L.C Formula

From $27
Bottle of Lung Defense Yellow Elecampane flowers
Bottle of Muscle Tone American Ginseng
Bottle of Myco Formula Purple Baikal flowers with green pointed leaves

Myco Formula

From $27
Bottle of Nasal Spray White Goldenseal flowers with green leaves
Bottle of Neurocore Brown Chinese Cat's claw vine and hook pieces against white background
Bottle of Open Breath Formula Yellow Honeysuckle flowers with dark green leaves
Bottle of Para Gone Green Black walnut fruit
Bottle of Peaceful Center White Passionflower with purple and yellow middle
Bottle of Prostate formula Green fanned out Saw Palmetto leaf
Bottle of Red Sage Baikal Skullcap formula Purple Baikal Skullcap flowers with green leaves
Bottle of Reishi plus Collage of Reishi mushroom, Ginger roots and Licorice roots
Bottle of seasonal mood support Yellow 5 petaled St. Johnswort flower
Bottle of Seven Mushroom Formula Mushroom collage
Bottle of Sida Plus Formula Collage of yellow sida flower with green foliage, Purple Red Sage flowers, White Bidens pilosa flower, Bidens frondosa, and Codnopsis roots
Bottle of Sinus Clear White Yerba Mansa Flower with cone shaped middle
Bottle of Sleep Ease Formula Pile of white Chamomile flowers with yellow middles
Bottle of Soothing UT Pregnancy Support Echinacea flowers & Milky Oats
Urinary Tract SupportWhite Yarrow flower clusters with green foliage