Trees with mountain and sky background

This is our Original Tree essence set that we began offering over 25 years ago. These essences are of trees of the Northeast United States, made in New England and the Adirondacks.  Through a shared dream, my husband Don and I felt encouraged to prepare the essences of the trees we had been living with, hiking through, climbing and sleeping under with our children for many years.

The Northern Trees, hardwoods and evergreens, stand tall and graceful, rooted in the Earth as their branches reach for the sun. Ancient, and carrying a resonance of the land and wild forest, the Tree Essences of the Northeast embody and offer a deep, grounded strength and core revitalization that nourishes and encourages one’s inner resources needed to meet life’s challenges. They also powerfully connect us to this northern land, promoting a sense of place and belonging. Each tree has a unique pattern and resonance that has developed over long years. You may find yourself called to one whose essence can support you on your path at this time.