Some years ago researcher/herbalist and author Stephen Harrod Buhner began writing of certain challenges humans and animals were faced with in a time of increasing infection by a host of pathogens. Through extensive research and clinical experience, Buhner offers herbal protocols that can be prepared and used for specific situations. He is generous in his information, clear in his recommendations and thorough in his research.

This listing of single herbal extracts reflects the information in Buhner’s books.  Our intention and practice is to offer high quality herbal extracts, using herbs that are grown and hand harvested in our gardens, wild-crafted in unspoiled areas, organically grown or offered by other ecologically mindful and caring herb companies.  We continue to search for more local organic sources and farms that are growing herbs that until now have only been imported from outside the U.S.  Each herbal extract is prepared with gratitude for the plants, along with careful attention and much care. 

African Peach Root bottle African Peach plant, leaf and fruit
After Bite bottle After Bite Formula
Alchornea bottle Alchornea Dry leaf on plate
Bottle of Andrographis Andrographis leaf and white flowers
Bottle of Ashwagandha Extract Close up of Ashwagandha fuzzy leaves and tiny yellow flower
Bottle of Astragalus Astragalus green small oval leaves with yellow flowers
Bottle of Baikal Skullcap Purple Baikal flowers
Bottle of Bidens Pilosa Bidens pilosa white flowers with yellow middle
Bottle of Boneset White Boneset flower cluster and green leaves with butterfly

Boneset Extract

From $25
Bottle of CSA Formula CSA ingredients and banner
Bottle of Chinese Cat's Claw Extract Chinese Cat's Claw hooks
Bottle of Chinese Coptis Brown Coptis roots against white background
Bottle of Cordyceps Militaris cordyceps militaris
Cryptolepis Root ExtractCryptolepis Roots
Bottle of Eleuthero Purple Eleuthero berry bunch
Bottle of Isatis formula Green Isatis Leaf bunch on growing through straw

Isatis Formula

From $27
Bottle of Isatis root Close up of Isatis root cuttings
Bottle of Japanese Knotweed White fluffy Japanese Knotweed flowers with green leaves
Bottle of Kudzu root Purple Kudzu flowers with buds against green background
Bottle of Licorice Root Extract Brown Licorice Root cuttings
Bottle of Pleurisy root Bright orange Pleurisy flowers with green oval leaves
Bottle of Red Root Red root chipped roots on plate
Bottle of Red Sage ExtractPurple Red Sage flowers
Bottle of Scots Pine Pollen Scots Pine needles and Pollen
Bottle of Sida Acuta Sida Acuta single yellow flower and scalloped leaves
Bottle of Stephania root Dry Stephania root chips on plate
Bottle of Sweet Annie Green Sweet Annie foliage