Our salves, crèmes and balms are handmade in small batches with love and care from high quality fresh, or freshly dried organic herbs, most of whom we personally wildcraft or grow in our lovely gardens, local fields and woodlands. The herbs are prepared as a concentrated tea, or infused in organic oils in the warm sun for a few weeks. These herbal oils are then blended with local beeswax, or organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, specially chosen organic essential oils along with specific flower essences to enhance the final preparation.
The radiance of the flowers and herbs each handcrafted jar contains carries a memory of summer light and fragrant beauty ~ pure herbal skin care from nature to you!
after the sun creme no lidAfter the Sun creme
Auntie vi salve
Beautiful Breast Balm
Green skin-on Black Walnuts Black walnut salve
chaga creme no lidJar of Chaga Creme
creme of the forest no lid Jar of creme of the forest
Crypto On The GoCrypto On The Go
Overhead view of yellow Cryptolepis Salve in jar with cryptolepis roots on plate Jar of Cryptolepis Salve
Deep Breath SalveDeep breath salve
open jar of golden flower salve with dried calendula flowers Jar of Golden Flower Salve
Jar of joint comfort salve
Jar of Love Butter
muscle balm open jar jar of muscle balm