Bottle of Japanese Knotweed White fluffy Japanese Knotweed flowers with green leaves
4 petaled Houttuynia flower with yellow cone middleGreen heart-shaped foliage with 4 petaled Houttuynia flower with yellow cone middle
Bottle of Cordyceps Militaris Orange Cordyceps Militaris fungus growing upwards
Bottle of Kudzu root Purple Kudzu flowers with buds against green background
Alchornea bottle Alchornea Dry leaf on plate
Bottle of Scots Pine Pollen Scots Pine needles and Pollen
Hawthorn-Elixir-bottle Light red Hawthorne berries on twig

Hawthorn Elixir

From $14
Bottle of Stephania root Dry Stephania root chips on plate
Bottle of Licorice Root Extract Brown Licorice Root cuttings
Bottle of Deep Lung Formula Tiny orange Pleurisy flowers
Bottle of Astragalus Astragalus green small oval leaves with yellow flowers
Collage of Baikal flowers, Isatis leaves, Kudzu flower, Houttuynia flower and Licorice rootsBuhner-Pan Kit
Bottle of Motherwort Green motherwort leaves with tiny pink flowers
Bottle of Lions Mane Extract White Lions Mane mushroom against black background
Bottle of Myco Formula Purple Baikal flowers with green pointed leaves

Myco Formula

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Bottle of Neurocore Brown Chinese Cat's claw vine and hook pieces against white background
Bottle of CSA Collage of Cryptolepis roots, Sida flowers and dry Alchornea leaf
Bottle of Calm the Cascade Purple Licorice flower
Bottle of Japanese Knotweed Glycerite Fluffy white Japanese Knotweed flowers with green leaves
Bottle of Milk Thistle Milk Thistle green foliage with pink flower
Bottle of Houttuynia Glycerite 4 petaled Houttuynia flower with yellow cone middle
Bottle of Echinacea angustifolia Pink Echinacea flower with yellow butterfly against green background
Bottle of Para Gone Green Black walnut fruit
Bottle of Sida Acuta Glycerite Yellow Sida flower with green foliage
Bottle of Open Breath Formula Yellow Honeysuckle flowers with dark green leaves
Bottle of Peaceful Center White Passionflower with purple and yellow middle
Schisandra Berry Extract Red Schisandra berries and green leaves
Bottle of Boneset White Boneset flower cluster and green leaves with butterfly

Boneset Extract

From $14
Bottle of Muscle Tone American Ginseng
Bottle of Sleep Ease Formula Pile of white Chamomile flowers with yellow middles
Boittle of Eleuthero PLUS Collage of Eleuthero berries, Motherwort, Red Schisandra berry, Red Sage, and Licorice roots
Love Butter hexagon jar with roses against moss background
Bottle of Clear Focus Green Gingko leaves against green background
Bottle of White Pine Extract Dark green White Pine needles
Bottle of Systemic Endothelial Support Collage of Red Sage flowers, Japanese knotweed flowers and Baikal flowers
Bottle of Immune Formulation Collage of Eleuthero berry, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and licorice root
Bottle of Greater Celandine 4 petaled Yellow Greater Celandine Flowers with green foliage
Bottle of Heart Care White 5 petaled Hawthorne flowers on branch
Bottle of Dandelion Dandelion root and leaf on plate