Women as nurturers~ mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, aunts and grandmothers, we are all daughters of the Earth. The relationship between women and plants has been shared and passed down through the generations. Whether it be Chamomile tea for sleep, lavender sachets to place in dresser drawers, mint tea on a hot summer day or thyme and rosemary in winter soups, herbs are woven into our daily lives. What herbs has your mother, grandmother or aunt passed down to you?
There are certain herbs that can support a healthy female reproductive system through the transitions a woman may experience. From menarche, through pregnancy, childbirth and mothering to the menopausal years and eldering, there are herbs to assist, replenish, build, nurture, and encourage a healthy body, mind and spirit.  A growing number of women are incorporating these beneficial remedies during times of transition, health challenges, or in taking steps toward self- care and a clear sense of well-being!
May these herbal extracts, formulas and balms offer the support you may seek, and the balance you hope for as you navigate your unique path through the stages of being a woman.  
Beautiful Breast Balm
Bottle of Dong Quai White Dong Quai flowers against green background

Dong Quai Extract

From $10.20
Love Butter hexagon jar with roses against moss background
Bottle of Maca Root Round Maca Roots with green top

Maca Root Extract

From $13.20
Bottle of Mood Support Yellow 5 petaled St. Johnswort flower
Bottle of Solomon's Seal root Solomon's Seal stem with white bell flowers
Bottle of Soothing UT Pregnancy Support Echinacea flowers & Milky Oats
Bottle of Bladder Support Formula White Yarrow flower clusters with green foliage