Woodland Essence Flower Essences hold the vibration of the Forest, along with the individual nature of each tree, shrub and forest floor flower. The deep wisdom, strength and healing of these beautiful flowers offers us support and love in our personal and planetary evolution. Flower essences are one way to enjoy and embrace the spirit of a plant. When using an essence, you open to the unique gifts and healing vibrations of that flower.

The flower essences address discord on any level: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. They act as powerful energetic remedies that work on the inner landscape, addressing emotional imprints, clearing old patterns that no longer serve you~ and freeing you to experience more balance and harmony in your life. Flower essences act as gentle reminders to guide us in our unfolding, developing our own essence along the way!

Bottle of Barberry Flower Essence on picnic table Yellow Barberry flowers with green oval leaves
Crown Chakra bottle on picnic table Purple flower mandala
Elder Flower Essence bottle on picnic table White Elderflower bunch
Gaywings Flower Essence bottle on picnic table Pink Gaywings flower close up
Bottle of Larch Flower Essence on picnic table Red Larch cone flowers with green needes
bottle of linden flower essence Yellow Linden flower bunch on branch with green leaves