Set of Forest Floor Flower Essences

Set Includes:
Dwarf Ginseng Flower Essence
Gaywings Flower Essence
Goldenthread Flower Essence
Painted Trillium Flower Essence
Purple Clematis Flower Essence
Starflower Flower Essence
Uva Ursi Flower Essence
Wild Lily of the Valley Flower Essence
Wild Sarsaparilla Flower Essence

Most Forest Floor Flowers emerge in the early spring light, boldly pushing up through the tawny leaf cover, the trees standing naked in the warming sun. Known as Spring Ephemerals, these woodland flowers emerge as bright lights in a season of hope and rebirth. 

And these are the gifts they offer us - touching our souls in times of darkness or confusion, when we have lost our faith, our way, or have become discouraged; they offer us the gifts of renewal - of purpose, light and joy!

*All sets are made up of 1/2 ounce stock bottles*