What type of shipping is used?

    Within the US: Due to our rural location, we only have the US Post Office as an option for shipping. We use Priority Shipping.

    International: We also use the US Post Office for international orders. All international orders must be shipped using Priority Shipping. We can no longer offer First Class International shipping, outside of Canada and Mexico, due to the lack of tracking once they leave the US border. Unfortunately, many packages have been lost entirely. 

    Where do we ship internationally?

    We can ship just about everywhere in the world, but we currently cannot ship to SPAIN, PORTUGAL, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA, GERMANY, JAPAN, KOREA and DUBAI. These countries will not allow the items into the country and the items will either be sent back or thrown out. So we will refund all orders that will be shipped to these countries. ENGLAND is currently allowing some packages through, but not all. Make sure you continue to read about our international shipping policies.

    How much will the shipping cost?

    Shipping costs are based on weight. You can enter your order into our website and see the shipping costs before payment is required. This is the easiest way to generate potential shipping costs.

    International customers, you will be charged additional customs fees. We do not know what these fees will be, so you will need to research this.

    Will I get tracking information?

    Once your package finishes up in our shipping department, you will receive an email with your tracking information. All packages will receive a tracking number separate from the sales receipt which will also be emailed. Please make sure you check the email you used to place your order.

    How long will it take for my package to arrive?

    Within the US: Domestic packages usually take 2-4 days to arrive, depending on your location. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday and packages leave for the Post at 2:30 each afternoon. Generally, packages are sent within 24 hours, but if orders are placed on Friday afternoon, they will not go out until the following Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a postal holiday). 

    We are working hard to meet the recent increase in demand of our products. We ask for your kind patience; please know that once you receive and email with your tracking information that your package is on its way to you. Thank you! 

    International: Orders can take 1-4 weeks, and sometimes more to arrive due to customs. See below for more information.

    What happens if my package is lost or stolen in the United States?

    When the tracking from your package indicates that it was delivered, we are no longer responsible. If you did not receive your package, please print out the tracking information and take it to your local Post Office and they will help you. Often the package is at your Post Office-or delivered to a neighbor-or the delivery slip blew away. If you live someplace where your packages are left in a public space, you might want to consider shipping to a more secure location.

    What happens if my International package is lost or left in customs?

    We cannot refund lost/slow packages or packages that are held in customs. It is your responsibility to know about your country’s custom’s rules. Each country has different rules for allowing herbs into the country. Clearing customs is the slowest part of the delivery. It can add many days to shipping time. We will not change any information on customs documents. If you choose to refuse your package, we can only refund you once the package arrives back at Woodland Essence - which can take several weeks or months.

    Why isn’t there free shipping?

    We are a small company and cannot absorb the cost of free shipping. We could raise our prices to cover the free shipping, but instead we have chosen to have our product prices reflect the cost of the item only, not the shipping too!