Travel Bundle 2


 Are you a traveler? Do you enjoy heading out on new adventures, near or far?

Back in the 60’s, when I was young, our family would pack up each June to spend 3 months camping by a small lake in southern Maine. It was at a campground that had a few amenities, but you counted on what you brought or could pick up at the grocery store a few towns over. Our First-Aid kit back then held mostly band-aids, aspirin, Ace
bandage rolls, tweezers and an ointment of some kind for cuts. Basic, but covered most of the bases.

When I became a camping mom of four and fascinated with herbs, I began bringing other just-in-case items in case of: Sniffles, times too long in the sun, tangling with ivy, bumps and falls, insects, tender skin or cranky moments. Over time, I created items I could count on and carry with us on our short and longer journeys. And keep handy at

Be prepared and Journey with Joy!

$80.00 VALUE

This bundle includes: 

1- 1oz Sleep Ease 
1- 1oz Peppermint Throat Spray
1- 2oz Chaga Creme
1- 1oz Crypto On The Go 
1- 1oz Super Wound Wash 

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