Set of At-Risk Flower Essences


Set Includes:
American Ginseng Flower Essence
Black Cohosh Flower Essence
Bloodroot Flower Essence
Blue Cohosh Flower Essence
Goldenseal Flower Essence
Pink Lady Slipper Flower Essence
Red Trillium Flower Essence
Spikenard Flower Essence
Wild Ginger Flower Essence

We are very happy to share these special flower essences with you. For many years we have lived close to these native woodland plants, occasionally using them in our herbal practice and growing them in our woodland gardens.

At present these and several other North American plants are at-risk for becoming endangered. Places they once grew have either been destroyed, or the plants themselves have been over harvested, due to consumer demand. This demand continues to grow.

Planting and care taking one or more of these native plants species in an environment which meets their needs is one way to make a difference in the restoration of these woodland treasures.

*All sets are made with 1/2 ounce stock bottles.*