Thoughts & Suggestions: For Tick Bites & Possible Tick-Borne Infections

By Kate Gilday: 

2024 update

1. If possible, send tick to lab for testing for Borrelia and co-infections: note directions on each site. Here are three places that offer testing:

A. Ticknology: Fort Collins, CO 80524; (970) 305-5587

- Universal Tick Test-includes results for presence of 10 pathogens including Borrelia (Lyme disease), Anaplasma (Anaplasmosis) and Babesia (Babesiosis), Bartonella species, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mt Spotted Fever and more.
- ($60, results in 24-72 hours, weekends included or $40, results in
3 business days)

B. MedZu Inc. ( Tick Testing, 29 Cottage St, Suite C; Amherst, MA

- Standard DNA Test Plan provides test results for presence of seven major pathogens including: Borrelia (Lyme disease), Anaplasma (Anaplasmosis) & Babesia (Babesiosis).
- ($50, results within 3 business days)

C. Clongen Lab. Tick Testing, 211 Perry Parkway, Suite 6, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. 877-256-6436.

- Can test for 17 possible infections: One test: $75. Two or more tests:
$65 ea. Can also test for these viruses: Colorado Tick fever virus, Heartland virus and Powassan Virus. ($195 per virus; $500 for all three viruses.)

2. For tick bite, take homeopathic Ledum palustre 30 c (5 pellets orally), 3x daily for three days, especially if there is a red, raised area at site.

3. Add Andrographis, Echinacea or other anti-bacterial herbal extracts with crushed Plantain herb leaf and place directly on bite, cover with band-aid. Do this 2x a day for 2 days. (WE carries an “After-Bite” liquid extract you could also use.)

4. Teasel Root Extract: 1-3 drops 1-3 times a day. Keep to low dose.

5. In the early stage, support immune system and strengthen Wei
chi defenses. Using a formula of your favorite immune and endocrine
supportive herbs.

        Possibilities: Eleuthero, Tulsi, Astragalus, Turkey Tails, & Schisandra 3x a day for              30+ days. This can also be taken as preventative for Lyme at lower dose: 20-30              drops 2-3x a day. 

6. See your Primary Care Practitioner or go to Urgent Care. Watch for unusual symptoms. Rash only appears about 20-40% of the time. Flu-like symptoms, joint pain and headaches are a possible few. Go for blood test in 10-14 days to test for Lyme and Co-infections: IgG/IgM. Western Blot test is best; send to I Genex Lab if possible.

7. Read Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book, Healing Lyme- 2nd edition (2016). Begin his core protocol. You can purchase LB Protocol tablets and supplements from Green Dragon Botanicals, or purchase supplements singly from us

8. Before or after you receive test results you can decide whether to take an antibiotic for 30 days or find a Flower Essence practitioner trained by David Dalton of Delta Gardens and go for flower essence treatments.

9. Some people who choose the antibiotic route begin taking Doxycycline/Tetracycline or other antibiotics immediately after being bitten. Just in case, if you choose this it is highly recommended to:

1. Take the antibiotic for at least 30 days.
2. Take high quality pro-biotics during antibiotic treatment and also for 30 after completing antibiotics.

A difficult decision to make. Some folks choose to do the first 4-5 suggestions and wait to see if they experience any symptoms before choosing further options.

To avoid being bitten, you can take Garlic Flower Essence and use an
herbal insect spray with Geranium Essential Oil.

Remember tick check every time you come in from being outdoors at least 1x a day.

**If you live in Upstate NY make sure you are tested for Anaplasmosis - symptoms are similar to Lyme and cases are on the rise in this area.

Other Tick-Borne illnesses to be aware of:

Ehrlichia: (similar to Anaplasmosis)
Powassan Virus: (in Canada but spreading)
Borrelia Miyamotoi: (super fast transmission)

If you have been struggling with weird/vague/complex symptoms for a long time, get checked for Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, *especially Anaplasmosis.

Being outdoors and in woodlands brightens our spirits, opens our minds, can quiet our thoughts and brings us Joy! By wearing long sleeves and pants and checking for ticks at least once a day, you are being proactive in your health care and that of your loved ones!

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