Dear Friends,


We are living in a remarkable time of change and uncertainty. Days when we brim with creativity, sureness and curiosity; other times when it is difficult to know how to proceed. We can lose our bearings, become overwhelmed or feel anxious and disconnected. When I find myself struggling, feeling edgy or worried, I go to the woods. To the trees that stand tall, branches rising to the sun; patient guardians that can remind us of our heritage as humans~ our place in nature, a relationship with the wild that we somehow recognize in the fragrance of evergreens, the dappled sunlight on green leaves, and the moss beneath our feet.


The trees offer us strength, balance, grounding, protection and a quiet presence that instills peace and hope, whether we find them in a forest, local woodland, city park or our own backyards. Returning home after a slow walk through the woods, we find ourselves rested, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for the daily challenges of life. And when we cannot get to the trees, we can turn to the TREE Flower Essences for support and their individual gifts. White Pine for stability, Quaking Aspen for courage, Hawthorne for the heart, Eastern Hemlock for support during times of change and personal transformation….and others…


I hope you do have a favorite tree, park or woodland where you enjoy spending time.

And that you remember in those dark moments of doubt that you have these ancient ones to turn to for comfort, support and remembering.


It has been thirty years since we created the Woodland Essence Tree Flower Essence sets and they have served many people, animals and places over this time. When you cannot get out to the trees, these flower essences bring the tree’s gifts to you, wherever you may be. May they support and nurture, protect and inspire you always.


“Tall trees call me to the woods to find…a gentle healing and peace of mind

Patiently they stand, gracing the land. Holding earth and sky, reminding me why…”


With Love, Peace and Hope,

Kate xo

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