Yellow Lomatium flowers with Bee


  Our Lomatium Extract is prepared from the fresh roots of Lomatium dissectum, responsibly wildcrafted in its natural, rocky environment by a trust...

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Balsam sprout with cone


  Dear Friends,   We are living in a remarkable time of change and uncertainty. Days when we brim with creativity, sureness and curiosity; other ti...

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Green Milky Oats

Milky Oats

  Avena sativa, Milky Oats, is as nourishing and comforting in its fresh, milky stage as it is a delicious porridge on a chilly morning. When I le...

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Motherwort leaves with tiny purple flowers


  Ah, beautiful green leafed Motherwort~ with her tiny, lovely pink flowers which are both soft and prickly in their form. I love the way the leave...

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White Hawthorne flowers


    Each spring we head out to nearby old farms and neglected pastures that have become overgrown with wild hawthorne trees, patches of dark green ...

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Ghost Pipe plant with moss background

Ghost Pipe

Ghost Pipe  (Monotropa uniflora) Mid- summer in the southern boreal forest finds us quietly stepping in the damp soft moss at the base of old spruc...

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Seed Mandala against blue background

The circle of life continues.

Tonight, it’s all about seeds.  Outside the cold rains of November fall, the hardwood trees stand leafless in their elegant bones of trunks and bra...

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Isatis leaf whole plant

Isatis Leaf-Latest news!

Hello everyone! Our gardens are slowly producing Isatis leaf and we now have enough to make three of our formulas with the leaf again: Myco Formula...

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Pink bushy flowers

Welcome Summer!

Summer light dances on the fields and gardens, where herbs and flowers open in a rainbow of beauty. Our days are spent planting, tending, gathering...

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Nauclea leaf and orange fruit

Nauclea latifolia

Hi friends! We will indeed be offering the African herb, Nauclea latifolia, Stephen Buhner has mentioned. We found an excellent source and anticipa...

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