Songs of Prayer & Celebration of Life CD



Listening to the call of raven and chickadee, the drumming of partridge in spring courting, the wind whispering through the pines and the creek singing as it flows to the sea~ these are some of the sounds that have delighted and inspired me through the seasons of a year, and the seasons of my life.  Somewhere along this life path, words and feelings began to meet in song and prayer that often simply rises as I catch a tune, as though it were a butterfly. Other times a song forms in my heart, nurtured along over time until the notes and thoughts blend in a way that feels just right. 


Most of these prayer songs have been born in this way, but two were offered many years ago from other singers in the s beauty and sharing of the oral tradition.  “I Thank the Source”, remains the song I sing when out in the wild places, gathering or simply walking among the wetlands, fields, trees and forest floor beings.  “May I Walk in Balance”, which I learned from Carol McGrath, became a favorite song I led at herb conferences and I still love singing it when walking slowly, as it is a living prayer. 


I hope you enjoy singing these songs and sharing them with others. Singing from our hearts is a special way to offer prayer, hope, love and healing to this beautiful earth Gaia who holds and nurtures us in countless ways! 


**All proceeds from this product with go to our local food pantry, we like to call "Music for Meals".