Our Lomatium Extract is prepared from the fresh roots of Lomatium dissectum, responsibly wildcrafted in its natural, rocky environment by a trusted herb company in Oregon that we have been working with. 

Also known as Fernleaf Biscuitroot and Desert Parsley, Lomatium dissectum is a perennial member of the carrot family (Apiaceae). Growing in the high deserts of the western United States, it is an important spring-flowering plant that bees and other early spring pollinators count on.

After our first Lomatium post a few years ago, when we understood Lomatium to be At- Risk, we were grateful to learn that at the present time, Lomatium dissectum is not being negatively impacted by ethical harvesting.

According to United Plant Savers website: ( www.unitedplantsavers.org)

“Having a large woody, carrot-like taproot allows ( Lomatium dissectum) to handle browsing and fire with a great chance of returning the next year. Over harvesting may be an issue in small pockets of L. dissectum’s range, but overall, there is no evidence to suggest wild harvest (is) impacting populations in a significant way.”

This is indeed good news for the populations of this exceptional herb. The giant tap roots of this plant are filled with aromatic oleo-gum resin. The fragrance seems to open one’s breath as well as energize one when preparing the root. Traditional uses of this remarkable herb note its support for the respiratory and immune systems, as well as its ability to assist in the removable of certain microbes from the body.

We encourage the use of Lomatium in a prepared formula. If using as a single, it is best to begin with a very small dose (1-3 drops in water) and increase over several days to recommended dose. There are certain individuals who may respond to the use of this root with a one time body rash- sometimes mild and for other people more extensive and uncomfortable.

We continue to honor this powerful medicinal perennial and the wild places in which it grows, grateful for the ethical wildcrafters we have come to trust who carefully harvest with experience, knowledge and full hearts.

Kate Gilday 

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Hi! Great job bringing this powerful herb into the mix. I moved to the SouthEast from the Rocky Mountains a few years ago and this is a medicine I brought with me from years of family success! Lomatium has been an ESSENTIAL in my home apothecary for years. Kicks out deep set respiratory infections and keep many cold/flu bugs away. Highly recommend this potent tincture. Use sparingly per the suggestion and start slow. Not much needed to have profound impacts.

Jess August 31, 2020

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