Isatis Leaf-Latest news!

Hello everyone!

Our gardens are slowly producing Isatis leaf and we now have enough to make three of our formulas with the leaf again: Myco Formula, IHA Formula and Auntie-Vi Formula. They are back on the website, without limits!

We are still waiting for more Isatis to be harvested in order to offer it in our Isatis Formula and alone, just as leaf, in a bottle. We hope to be able to offer this in the next 2-3 weeks. So stay tuned and thank you so much for your patience!


Hello can you let me know when it is in?
And please add me to your blog. Pawan

Pawan Singh November 03, 2018

Please add me to your mailing list for your blog.

Chris George September 09, 2018

Please email me when available

Gloria Watson August 11, 2018

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