At-Risk Flower planting for Spring!



I think of plants and flowers as ambassadors of hope and resilience, wherever they are planted or rise on their own. They are touchstones of belonging, of sustaining through adversity; they offer an optimism and faith in their annual return, sharing with us those same qualities as we step into each new day. May their grace and healing touch your life in beautiful ways!
For those of you looking for a way to plant hope and optimism into your life and land ~ this is the perfect time of year to plant herbs that are considered At-Risk.  Here in the northeast, a shady area of your yard or garden is a great place to plant Goldenseal or Bloodroot.  Black cohosh (aka “Fairy wand”) and Butterfly weed (Pleurisy root) , whose bright orange flowers attract butterflies and bees, thrive in a sunny location.   
Years ago, we did a plant rescue of hundreds of Red trillium (Birthroot) plants that were destined to be destroyed in widening a nearby street. All they needed was shade enough found at the bottom of hardwood trees; maple, birch and beech became home-base for most of these beauties. You can plant for future use, for beauty, for your own connection to the wild, or simply for offering these plants a new home and the hope of watching them thrive where they are planted! 
Note: Best NOT to transplant any woodland wildflowers or endangered plants unless they are under threat of removal by road crews or a new home being built. They are best left where they are already growing, supported by the plant community which they are a part of.
Instead, you can order many of the At-risk species at  and/ or join the organization United Plant Savers  who are celebrating 25 years of being a voice for the plants, promoting conservation and education of at-risk medicinal plants of the US and Canada. The grand opening of their newly built Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation will be September 21, 2019, with keynote talks by Rosemary Gladstar and Steven Foster. Head to their site for more information. May your spring be filled with flowers! 


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I love the way you speak about the natural world Kate. Truly you remind me of Robin Kimmerer! I am there in the world of plants. "they offer an optimism and faith in their annual return, sharing with us those same qualities as we step into each new day. "

Indeed they do. As do you dear one. xox

Joanne O'Neil May 01, 2019

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