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2017 Woodland Essence Workshop Schedule

( Stay tuned for more information!)




We are delighted to be sharing a few new workshops in this coming year.


"Waking up" the Octagon teaching center after a few seasons rest is a joy. There have been

so many stories told, teachings shared, songs sung and friendships begun in

this Woodland Circle~

where many rich memories are woven into the space where people, plants and ideas come together.




And there are other places in the Northeast where Kate will be teaching.


We hope to see you at one or another workshop; and also wish you many joys and adventures!





Moon and Plant Wisdom

~An Herb Gathering for Women of all ages and stages




With Kate Gilday and Lisa Fazio

A series of four evenings, one per month:

January 25, Wednesday February 22, Wednesday March 22, Wednesday April 19

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Many Roots Earth Center

2739 Newport Rd, Newport NY

Join Kate and Lisa in this special circle where we will share knowledge and tools for self-care specific to the female reproductive cycle during all phases of life. As women we embody the feminine side of nature that often requires us to nurture and care for others making it important that we refill our own vessels. This series of gatherings will offer us a time to address our own inner needs, our health and well-being, and connect with others. We will discuss the art and practice of self- care, herbal remedies, nourishment, Ayurveda, flower essences, moon and dreamtime wisdom, and the overall empowerment of the feminine.

Each gathering will address specific topics:

January 25- Menstruation ( our moon-time) , the hormonal cycle, and menstrual issues~ PMS, Cramps, Heavy bleeding, irregular cycles
February 22-Reproductive conditions; Fibroids, Cervical Dysplasia, STD’s, UTI’s Ovarian cysts,etc
March 22- Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, aphrodisiacs too!
April 19-Menopause; peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause
This program is offered as a series or as individual classes:

Rate for full series: $80.00

Individual Class: $25

*Please pre-register to save your space!

***If the cost of this class is beyond your reach please contact us~ No one will be turned away!




Update on Lyme and other Tick-borne Infections;

It's a Complex Story


With herbalist/ teacher Kate Gilday 


April 29, 201710 AM to 5 PM


Lyme can be devastating~ the deep fatigue, aches and pain, overall inflammation, brain fog, loss of self, and for some loss of work. What have we learned about these pathogens, their impact and how to treat the Lyme client over the past two decades? Lots! 


In this workshop we will address the symptoms and effects of acute Lyme, Post-Lyme syndrome and Long term / Chronic Lyme, along with Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, and Mycoplasma.  We will review protocols for clearing these pathogens, as well as the pros and cons of antibiotics. Learning to listen to each person’s unique story, we consider the spiritual aspect of the ‘Tick Journey’ ( In this health crisis, there can be deep reflection and healing)  and deepen our knowledge base of the plants and supplements that can make an enormous difference in supporting those who are challenged by these pathogens. 


Participants will receive extensive handout including resources~ also, sample new herbs and be introduced to a specific flower essence treatment for Lyme.


Workshop will be held at Woodland Essence Teaching Center, Cold Brook, NY.

Cost for the day is $ 60.

Please bring a bag lunch for yourself. Tea and snack provided. Directions provided once you register.

call 315-845-1515 to register. Thank you!


50% of the proceeds will be donated to Empire State Lyme Disease Association




I am very happy to be sharing this 2-part Flower Essence Training!

We chose Spring to offer this first long weekend, so that participants will have a chance to

work and dance among the flowers they love all through the warmer months.


Participants will experience a personal connection with the plants and flowers, as they learn

the rich history and ways of flower essence therapy, along with new possibilities.


In these uncertain times, it is a gift to have the beauty, light and spirit of the flowers

close at hand~ and heart!


Perhaps we will meet in Amy's beautiful gardens and fields come May!


















with Herbalist and Author MATTHEW WOOD


July 14-16th, 2017


(Friday 10-4; Saturday 10-5; Sunday 10-3)


At Woodland Essence Teaching Center







In this three day weekend, Matthew Wood will share:


~ his well-known Teachings of the Pulse (  FRIDAY)

~ connecting People and Plants through the guidance/ story of the a person's pulse 

~ the spiritual nature of plants that he has learned, intuited, and experienced based on over 30 years of immersion in the world of plants and their teachings. Matt's unique and beautiful understanding of Animal Medicine- the traits, personalities and characteristics of animals and birds that we can learn to recogonize in ourselves and others.



Workshop will be held at Woodland Essence Teaching Center, Cold Brook, NY.

Cost for the weekend: $325. Early registrstion by June 15th- $295.

Lunch provided eah day, along with teas and snacks.  Participants are responsible for accomodations and other meals.  Directions provided once you register.

call 315-845-1515 to register. Thank you!

( watch for more course details !)






New Date!!


November 4-5, 2017
Kate Gilday and Nancy Phillips

Autumn Weekend: Standing Like a Tree





~ Radiate with the strength and flexibility of a tree ~


Practice Yoga and pranayama

Deepen your understanding of Ayurveda philosophy and practices

Learn about herbs and healing foods for energy, clarity and vibrancy

Practice the meditative art of making pine needle baskets

Prepare healing foods and herbal preparations to help you stay in

balance during the fall and winter months.

Come and relax, recharge and feel more at peace within yourself!


Using the trees as our inspiration, we’ll practice the Meta meditation to heal ourselves and become a strong source of healing for others. Radiating with the strength and flexibility of a tree we’ll practice yoga asana and pranayama. Kate will help deepen our understanding of Ayurveda philosophy and practices as well as her love for the trees. She’ll share herbs and healing foods for energy, clarity and vibrancy. She’ll also teach us the meditative art of making pine needle baskets.

Nancy will take us into the kitchen and teach us how to prepare healing foods and herbal preparations to help us stay in balance during the fall and winter months. She’ll also lead us in making some aromatic herbal incense.  Sounds like fun!!


Hope you can make it!




$230 includes all handouts, materials, healthy and delicious lunches and Saturday dinner


For more information please call Nancy at (603) 636-2286



~ This weekend will be held at Heartsong Farm, Groveton, NH  with Nancy Phillips and Kate Gilday~


Please see Heartsong website for further information~ www.herbsandapples.com











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