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2008 Woodland Essence Workshop Schedule

2008 Flower Essence Practitioner Certicate Program ~ Plants and People: 8-day Intensive with Mathew Wood and Kate Gilday

Seasonal Whole Foods Cooking



Weaving Together Energetics & Physiology, Heart & Spirit

July 19-26, 2008

with Matthew Wood and Kate Gilday

This is an in-depth, experiential course designed for the practicing herbalist, to help develop and expand one's skills in understanding the language of the human body along with the life force and qualities of the plants.  It is by giving attention to and learning from both that one can begin to bring plant and person together in a dynamic and remarkable way.

An Advanced Intensive follow-up course will be offered in 2009

Some Course Topics:

  • How to see Energetic conditions and where they lay
  • The Six Tissue States
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic principles and constitutions (doshas)
  • Qualities of herbs- taste, form, environment, etc
  • Introduction to Diagnostic practices- pulse, facial, tongue, etc
  • Animal medicine in plants and people
  • Introduction to using Flower essences in conjunction with herbs
  • The organ system of emotions
  • Body systems- Respiratory, Liver/Gallbladder, GI Tract, Lymphatic/Immune
  • Food as Medicine- wild edibles, nutritious foods and healing spices


A certificate will be awarded upon completion of program and clinical practice.

MATTHEW WOOD has been practicing traditional Western herbalism for over twenty-five years.  He is the author of four books on herbalism, including The Book of Herbal Wisdom (1997) and The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism (2004).  He has training in American Indian medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, and homeopathy.  He has a master's degree in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, accredited by the University of Wales, and is a registered member of the American Herbalist Guild.


KATE GILDAY is a practicing herbalist, flower essence practitioner and teacher who has also completed training as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Kate works with Collaborative Healing, a group of practitioners in upstate New York who address health care through a unique integrative network educating the community and combining conventional medicine with expert complementary care. She brings her love and experience of the wild places, song and healing to the workshops she presents throughout the Northeast.

The program will be held at Woodland Essence Teaching Center, Cold Brook, NY in a lovely, rustic setting in the Adirondack Park.

Price: $1095 for the 8 day program  Includes accommodations, meals, all instruction & handouts.

Please contact Kate @ 315-845-1515 or email

$300 deposit will hold your place for this program.

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The Northeast Flower Essence Collaborative

2008 Flower Essence Practitioner Certificate Program

with David Dalton, Kate Gilday, Jane Bell and Don Babineau

August 2-9th ~ an 8 day Intensive

This year David, Kate, Jane and Don come together to present a truly inspiring and heartfelt experience in meeting and learning directly from the plants while developing a relationship with nature in a pristine, secluded woodland setting that holds a deep healing resonance.

This is an eight day intensive exploration of the power and potential of flower essences as a healing clinical agent for disease, emotional and mental stress, fears and system blocks caused by past trauma.

The program is filled with research-based clinical training and outdoor field study in this wild and beautiful sanctuary. Also, time for swimming, hiking and simple being ...

Topics offered:

*  Learning to Introduce Flower Essences

*  The Contributions of Dr. Bach and Present Uses/ Directions

*  How the Personality Holds Disease

*  Treatment of Disease- Exploring Energy Partnership

*  The Language of Plants- "Reading" and Understanding Sense Experience; Plant Attunements

*  How Flower Essences are Made, Stored and Potentized

*  How Flower Essences Work; The Energetic Underpinnings of Flower Essence Therapy

*  How Flower Essences Resonate with the Chakras

* The Practice of the Wild; Deepening Understandingof the Forces of Nature ( this is a walk on the wild side)

*  Native Northeast Forest Flowers; Holding the Spirit of the Land

*  Healing Patterns of Woodland Orchids

*  Energetic Protection through Flower Essences

*  Lilies, Daisies, Roses; Flower Familes and Clinical Action

*  Treating Clients with Flower Essences; Case Studies

*  Treating Children with Flower Essences

*  Taking a Flower Essence History; Developing a Treatment Plan, Research Methods

*  Treating Lyme Disease with Flower Essences

*  Treating Animals with Flower Essences

*  Arnica to Yarrow: Traditional Herbal Uses of Some Flowers

*  Flower Bathing for Healing the Heart

*  Plant Spirit Journey

*  Flower Essences from Poisonous Plants

*  Moonlight Flower Essences

*  Flower Essences of Uganda

*  Space Clearings with Sprays; Distance Clearing with Energy

*  Overview and Demonstration of Energetic Architecture


David Dalton is a recognized speaker, researcher and producer of Delta Garden Flower Essences. His practice as a flower essence therapist spans 25 years. He is the founder of Delta Gardens, a research center for flower essences His book, Stars of the Meadow, Medicinal Herbs as Flower Essences is based on 20 years of investigation of flower essences.

Kate Gilday & Don Babineau are the founders of Woodland Essence Teaching Center and Woodland Essence Herbs and Flower Essences . Kate has an active practice as an Herbalist, Aruvedic Consultant and Flower Essence Practitioner. Don, a certified NY Wilderness Guide and expert wild-crafter, has spent his life in the forests and on the shorelines of the Northeast. Their extensive experience with herbs and flower essences comes from their deep relationship with the forest. They are regular speakers at popular national and local conferences.

Jane Bell, this year’s guest instructor, is a flower essence practitioner, teacher and researcher with over 23 years of experience and is co-producer of the Alaskan Flower Essences. Jane will be teaching the topics of Space Clearing and an overview and demonstration of Energetic Architecture this year.



Cost: $1,395. Includes tuition, lodging and three delicious healthy meals per day.  Contact us for course brochure. You can register with a non-refundable deposit of $300.   Full amount paid before June 1 is $1,250. 

Call Kate at 315-845-1515 if you have any questions.

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Seasonal Whole Foods Cooking

3 Monday evenings, April 28, July 14th, September 22nd
With Meg Richards, herbalist, massage therapist and natural foods cook

Experience hands-on preparation of simple, quick and nutritious meals incorporating fresh herbs and vegetables, whole grains and more. Learn new ideas for creating delicious meals with nourishing foods and garden greens for healthy digestion and renewed vitality. Particpants wil recieve recipes, handpouts and a delicious meal at each class. Limited to 8 participants.

Cost: $15. per class.


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For more information or to receive a full brochure of these workshops, call (315) 845-1515 or e-mail us.

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