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Pinus strobes

White Pine trees grace the forests of the Northeast along with the edges of fields and sandy places. The White Pine is an evergreen, which carries both male “flowers” that hold tremendous amounts of golden pollen and red, female “flowers” that are really the immature cones.  They are wind-pollinated with the pollen floating high on the breeze to reach the female cones.  The life force in the pollen is quite amazing- rich in protein and plant hormones.Sunlight reflects off the needles in a soft, etheric way; and winds blow through the pine stands, sweetly singing to all who can hear.


For times of stress, when feeling life has become unmanageable with too many responsibilities; times one may feel scattered or unfocused;  for stability and balance in thought and action- helps one center, ground and relax; for tending to grief, depression, dullness; encourages us to re-member what is important and create anew.

Healing Qualities:  

White Pine essence carries a strong life-force and can be used in times when energy is depleted whether through too many activities, or when one has lost one’s sense of direction or purpose.  It helps us remember how to “put the pieces back together” after experiencing a trauma, grief, loss, shattering of ego or core-identity. For times when one has been shaken to one’s bones.  

This pine essence provides  a Guiding light that serves to illuminate and support one’s re-membering- the core of what is most  important to the individual,  as well as the connection we have to our ancestors and extended family. It helps one to see one’s connection with the plant world, with Nature, the Earth and Life; to see that we are joined in a field of light or consciousness.

The essence is uplifting, encouraging a sense of optimism and emotional positivity.

It helps bring peace and tranquility in times of doubt, angst, inner turmoil.  Also to increase tolerance, heal discord and support renewal in relationships/ friendships that have been fractured in some way. Use when working to repair emotional/ soul injuries so that the occurring opening or fracture does not (continue) to deplete one’s vital energy.

Use when feeling dull, heavy, depressed. Pine enlivens, awakens and inspires when there is fatigue, exhaustion, nervous debility.  White Pine Inspires- improves inspiration- on the physical plane - the lungs/ breath/ clearing grief.

White Pine offers the human soul the strength to continue, light to guide the way, and a softness to dissolve the grief and pain of separation.

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