balsams from mountainfall river trees


The Woodland Tree Flower Essences




This is our Original Tree essence set that we began offering over 20 years ago. These essences are of trees of the Northeast United States, made in New England and the Adirondacks.  Through a shared dream, my husband Don and I felt encouraged to prepare the essences of the trees we had been living with, hiking through, climbing and sleeping under with our children for many years.  

These trees hold many qualities, yet the overall gifts they share are stability and balance.  I like to say they are the conduits between the earth and sky, helping us feel grounded even as we feel inspired to grow upwards and branch outward through our dreams and creativity.  They can be used to stabilize, create a sense of safety, and bring one a sense of centeredness and of being grounded in the moment as well as one’s life.


This second, more recent set of tree essences comes from our continued time spent in the woodlands, developing deeper relationships with the trees, learning from and working with them as food, medicine and craft. What has had the greatest affect upon us are the special qualities and unique essence of each species. The Tree flower essences carry these special attributes.  Through using, sharing, listening and observing, we have come to see how each of these trees can touch the heart and spirit of a person, animal, plant or environment.

We will be developing the descriptions of all the Woodland Essence Flower Essences sharing our experiences, stories and research through our Adirondack Journal and eventually in a book of the Woodlands. We hope you keep in touch to learn more from and about the beauty and nature of the Northeast Woodlands along with sharing your own stories!

Please see the condensed descriptions of the individual trees, as ell as the more in-depth writings on White Pine and Eastern Hemlock.


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