Tsuga canadensis

The Eastern Hemlock is a slow growing, long-lived tree that grows well in shade
It may take 250-300 years to reach maturity and may live for 800 years or more!
The tree is very important to the entire forest eco-systems of the Northeast, providing shelter and food to deer, porcupine, grouse, wild turkey and migratory birds, along with  shade for healthy waterways, fish and other aquatic life.

The male and female flowers form in separate clusters on the same branch. Golden pollen from the green male conelets is dispersed when the bracts of the red female conelets are partially open in late Spring. We prepare the essence from both male and female “flowering” conelets.

Offers support during times of change, transition, personal transformation: eases one through the process of change: use when feeling unsure or threatened by change, fearful of transition; when moving location, leaving an old relationship, changing jobs, leaving home, and settling in to a new situation.  Especially helpful for those who have experienced past transitions as fearful or negative, as it provides a foundation of Trust.

Healing Qualities:
Eastern Hemlock essence offers the wisdom and experience of Time- which helps one gain a broader view of life and see the importance of evolution and change, on both the personal and planetary level. All growth depends upon expansion and renewal, and though the feelings that rise with the need for change can be overwhelming, it is through the process of reflection and making necessary changes in one’s life that one continues to evolve.

Hemlock provides an experience of feeling held, safe, protected, cared for, as one negotiates the uncomfortable feelings that come with change, along with encouraging the decision-making process necessary in the process.

One’s senses become more acute, awareness more tuned-in, and a sense of trust develops along with patience with the time it may take to move through the transition. The essence also supports a personal shift in awareness/ consciousness.

Hemlock, like a wise, gentle and supportive Grandfather, offers a safe place to be, an ear to listen, words of wisdom from an elder, patience and understanding.

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